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Hey if you need that Enicar Sherpa Jet crystal, please let me know. I have one that I mistakingly ordered thinking it was for a Sherpa Super Jet.

I’ll sell it to you for $50 plus shipping costs to you address

Watchmakers Collection
Hi David,

I have the Super Jet. The other member clarified that the ref I provided was for the Super Jet. The Crystal is 36.60mm in diameter. If your crystal is that size then that might work. But I believe the normal Sherpa Jet is smaller.
Hy, i was wondering if you stilla have your HEALTHWAYS Enicar 100 FATHOM Diver for sale
or any other similiar from you collection
Hi Steve, I saw your post for the SG MKIV black, I am interested in discussing your watch as I’m looking for one to go with my Jet Graph MKIV. Could you please post or send movement and inside case hallmarks ? Cheers Scott