Did I inherit a Enicar sherpa 300 jet graph MK IV?


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The other day i looked through the belongings from my late father. I found watch a "Enicar Sherpa 300 Jet Graph MK IV". I started to look for information about it and the main question was of course is it a fake or not? Two things puzzled me. There was only the Sherpa logo 300 and the pearl oyster on the back. No other engravings about the watch. All hands seemed to be exactly the same as the MK IV BUT..There was a red hand on one of the subdials, but the other two was WHITE!! MK IV seems to have black ones. Crown looked lika a late MK IV.
Of course there are fakes but why make a fake in all details except two things quite different from the original.
Or is th ere MK IV with white hands at subdials and is there backs with only the logo??
Of course mi will let a watchmaker take a look but can anyone give me some information about this mystery?


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As you said, its a nice used MK IV. The white hands are interesting, but not a show stopper. At least you know where this watch was coming from, so the best possibility is, your late father may had it serviced and the watchmaker just had white hands. I doubt it came like this from the factory (but sometimes with Enicar, you dont know :D). Your caseback is just polished, thats why you can't see any engravings anymore.

Happy to see it after the service. Enjoy that watch!



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Great watch! I had to buy mine...wish I had inherited like you! Mine also has a caseback that is polished...but from my perspective, this does nothing to prevent me from enjoying the watch. At least it's only the edges that are polished, and the "Sherpa 300" logo is intact. Congratulations!