Sherpa Watches introduction - WatchTime fair Düsseldorf


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Dear Enicaristi,

as you know, I have been cooking on something for quite a while.

Now I would like to finally introduce you to our new brand Sherpa Watches. I did a similar post in the Uhrforum in German today, and would like to do it here in English.
This is not meant to be an advertising article, but rather a proper personal introduction for the forum.
Our website will then provide the rest in the near future.

My name is Martin Klocke, and I am the founder, owner and managing director of Sherpa Watches GmbH, based in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf.
The history of this venture and the founding of the company goes back a little further.
Around 2011, I was suddenly gripped by the watch virus, almost without notice I was suddenly on the lookout for vintage watches.

In 2019 I decided to embark on an adventure, and re-launch models of an old brand that I really cared about. You know which one ;-)
This has absorbed every spare minute since then and is truly my heart's project that I pursue with a lot of love and eye for detail.
I like quite a few legendary watch brands, but the Sherpa series of the old Enicar SA from Lengnau particularly appealed to me.
We surely agree that the Sherpa models are very unique and timeless in design in many ways and deserve to be present on the market today.
That's why I founded the Sherpa Watches brand.
As you know, the Sherpa series represented the top model line of Enicar SA in Lengnau. For me, it was a personal mission to resurrect these special models. In this respect, I am happy and proud that two models will be launched very soon. These two watches are as authentic as possible, and transport the high quality of the models of that time into the present. I didn't want a watch that says "made in ..." on it, but all the components come from the Far East. On the contrary, all components are manufactured by a network of excellent watch suppliers in Germany and Switzerland. The watch is assembled and finally tested in Germany. In the process, we have refined the construction principles of yesteryear and brought them up to today's standards.

Just like Enicar SA from Lengnau, the legendary case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez from Bassecourt (EPSA) unfortunately went bankrupt in the 1980s.
Since I was very interested in how EPSA designed the compressor cases and the associated components back then, and why the technical solutions looked the way they did, this search led me through various Swiss archives - with success. The two watches will reincorporate the compressor principle in the case back (as a bayonet) and crowns (!) and bring them up to date with today's materials and manufacturing techniques. Thus, the two models we are presenting will be the first complete Compressor watches since the 60s!
Furthermore, the watches will contain a movement specially modified by us from Switzerland, which will debut under the name "mantramatic".

The result of the research and development work will be on display soon - anyone who wants to can visit us at WatchTime in Düsseldorf from 29-31 October. We will have a stand there and everyone is welcome to see and experience our fully functional, near-production prototypes. We are in the process of preparing for series production (first batch of 150 per model), which will hopefully start by the end of the year.
The Corona time has significantly disrupted the supply chain in Europe as well, but we are in good spirits that we will be able to deliver the first examples before Christmas.

At Watchtime, the new website will also be ready with all the details - until then, a small updated interim site will go live from this week.

Unfortunately the Watch weekend in Hamburg has been cancelled due to new Corona rules, but after the WatchTime in Düsseldorf we will be at the Watch Weekend in Frankfurt 20-21 November - another opportunity to get into conversation.

Hope to see you in Düsseldorf or Frankfurt!

I would like to give away 10 free tickets to the watchtime fair - please contact me via email or PM here in the forum and I will send you a code and link.

Martin Klocke
Managing Director of Sherpa Watches GmbH



Congratulations! What an enormous amount of work you have done. I'm eagerly awaiting the unveiling!


We’re all very keen on seeing the result of your enormous work and the effort you put in this, I do hope this will be the success we all hope for! 🤗🙏🏻🥳


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Same comment as in the Uhrforum…

We've already seen ZRC, Doxa, Aquastar, Yema, Nivada, etc. being successfully resurrected because their design language has brought, and is still bringing, something relevant to the table.

So there’s no reason why historical Enicar should be left by the wayside —> Very curious to see what has been cooking 🧑‍🍳


Though, on second thought, the quoted price includes 19% VAT. Excluding that brings it down to 4780 Euros which is $5600US. That helps. About the same as my 2017 Heuer Autavia which I love to bits. Mind, I bought it used for $3KUS and I doubt the Sherpa watches will hit that mark anytime soon.

For those who can afford, enjoy!