Unique ENICAR World Time Wall Clock, one of only three known so far!


Hi Enicaristis,

Was very lucky able to land this unique piece on an online auction yesterday so I haven't gotten it home yet but i really want you all to have a glimpse of if!

So far we only know three of this clock, Martijn has one, that was an autumn offer to the Swedish retailer during the mid 60:ies if they ordered a certain amount of new watches from Enicar!
It´s an electrical moment of some kind in each of the fours clocks, one for Stockholm time zone, one for Moscow, one for Tokyo and the last one for New York time zone.

Just two of the clocks are working on my piece right now according to the auction site, so I'll let my watchmaker have a look into it.


...and Therese the original ad from Enicar when presenting the offer to the Swedish retailers:
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