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We want to make the Trading Post a safe and useful area for everyone. As such the following rules are in place and any breach will either get your thread deleted or yourself banned.

1. Users with over 50 posts (Sherpa's) can view threads and only users with over 100 posts (Enicaristi's) can post new threads. Any attempt to increase your post count by post farming, will result in a ban. Users below 50 posts are unable to see this board.

2. All sales posts most contain at least 4 current pictures that are at least 1,024 pixels wide of the actual watch in your possession, include a price and a description of the item. This is to help get your item sold and any deviation will likely result in your post being deleted.

3. Please keep replies to sales posts civil and respect other users. If you believe a watch is inaccurately described, please raise it with the original poster and failing that, a post on the thread or a PM to a Mod would be appreciated. Absolutely no 'bashing' of other users pricing will be accepted.

4. Buy the seller. Please do your diligence on the seller of the item. We (Enicar Forums and it's Admins and Moderators) accept no liability for any issues with any sales conducted. If you have any doubts about the seller ask. Always ask for previous feedback they've had from other transactions. We cannot help you reclaim back any money or items lost through a transaction. You and the other party to the transaction are solely responsible for anything that may occur.

5. Do not delete any information including pictures and price after an item is sold.

6. Posting of fake watches or 'homages' will likely result in a ban for you.

7. Linking to auction sites is fine.

8. Absolutely no sales on behalf of somebody else.

9. If you have any issues or feel that somebody is suspicious, please PM a Mod or Admin.

10. Once you've completed a transaction, good or bad, please leave feedback in the Sellers & Buyers Reviews area.

11. State a price. Offers without price will be deleted.
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