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Hello. I found this watch in my parents basement a while ago. It was missing some stuff, and it was accompanied by a similar ladies watch which was fully intact. I couldn't find the button thing to release the stem from the ladies watch, so i just disassembled the entire thing and it will likely stay that way for the rest of eternity because my brain is square and i cant put it back together. After transplanting whatever parts the mens watch needed, and finishing the most scuffed amateur stem extension and strap adjustment operation in history, it is now fully operational and works well. Now my main concern is its authenticity and value. Googling any numbers and names i could find on it returned nothing except dead sites and this forum post from 2009, all of which are in chinese langage.

Here are some photos (click for full size):


The paper on the right is a sales receipt, and from what i can tell its from a state-owned department store in Guangzhou, China, which is not too far from hong kong. It is dated September 1999 and says something about costing 2075 RMB/CNY, which is only like 300-ish USD today. My father, the supposed purchaser, recalls little about this. Its also possible that this was a gift from a rich friend or something. I read somewhere someplace on the internet about an acquisition by some dude in hong kong and production of fakes increasing in the 90s, and coupled with the fact that this was late 90s china, a prime time for knockoffs before south asia got onto it, and also its dubious existence on the internet, leads me to doubt this watch's authenticity. I'd hate to be called out one day for accidentally rocking a fake Enicar watch.

I am by no means a watch collector or expert, and likely the opposite of a watch smith, so any help in dating, identifying, and verifying this watch will be greatly appreciated. More photos will be attached if needed. Thanks

EDIT: Apparently Enicar just made cheap quartz watches after they went defunct and are but a shell of what they were 10-15 years before this watch was purchased. This is actually the only watch ive owned in 3 years so if its real its staying on my wrist, if its fake, well its going in a pot of aqua regia and hopefully i can salvage 25 bucks of gold off of it.
Also, Heres a photo of the movement
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This looks to be a watch made in China by the Wah Ming Hong Ltd. of Hong Kong who purchased the Enicar brand name after the original Swiss company went bankrupt in 1987.