Crystal(s), inner tachy bezel and crown for an Enicar Graphomatic


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I'm looking for one or two crystal(s) and one (dark grey) inner tachy bezel (as seen on my pictures) for my graphomatics (134-01-02).

The crystal of the blue one doesn't remain on the case and the inner tachy bezel is glued to the crystal. So i think it won't be easy to seperate the two parts that's why i would like to find both of them. The crown will have to be changed too (not an Enicar one) and the orange seconds hand has a lack of paint on it and should be replaced by a genuine one maybe.

The black one has a crystal that can be polished for sure but as i sent it to a watchmaker to be totally overhauled i wish it could have a new crystal too. The problem is that the watchmaker did not find any replacement part.

If there was no crystal left for the graphomatic, is there another part that could fit ? Other brands, like Omega or Tissot for instance, used the same Lemania movement with same sized cases : did they also use the same shaped crystal ?

Thank you for your help.


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I found some information over here
Seems to be a very specific crystal because as it says there crystal’s inside shape is made to hold the tachymeter scale.


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Thanks for your answer. I didn't imagine it was so hard to find a new crystal. I think it can be made (i will need to find a company that does it) but i will need the dimensions you find to be checked by the watchmaker first. The tachy scale is not to be glued to the crystal obviously.