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Hi all, just joined the forum in the hope that someone might be able to tell me a bit more than I (think I) already know about my one and only Enicar watch. I am in no way a collector but bought this watch almost 20 years ago, very cheaply on eBay, simply because I liked the look of it and fancied a bit of a retro looking, vintage watch to occasionally wear and enjoy. I did wear it for a while but mostly it's spent much of the past 20 years almost forgotten in a drawer until recently when I re-discovered it, put on a new strap and have started to wear and enjoy again.

The reference number on the back is very worn/polished but seems to read 2167-51-25. I believe these are widely referred to as 'Ocean Pearl' models and date from the 1970s. The day markers are in both English and what appears Chinese so I'm guessing it was originally destined for the Asian market? Can anyone add anything to this? Pics below...20230607_173915.jpg20230613_133205-01.jpeg20230613_133235.jpg20230613_133416.jpg20230613_133532.jpg20230613_133555.jpg20230613_133700.jpg