Undoubtedly a very unusual and nice watch, case and instructions.
However, after reading the translation, I'm very much struggling to see
the connection between an Enicar watch, a Lotus 49 and Graham Hill ?
"Curiously, the year of construction and the colors of this watch recall exactly
the magnificent and titled Lotus 49, to the point of being nicknamed "Sherpa Graph Lotus 49".

So who exactly is naming this varient a Sherpa Graph Lotus 49 ?
If it's that the bright red seconds sweep is as red as the car, my
Super Jet has exactly the same hand.
Are you the owner of the watch ? It's very interesting.


New member
I meant the Lotus part actually.

Above you say: ‘the team was full of Sherpa Graphs at the time’.
And in the Breitling article four Lotus drivers are wearing the Navitimer.

But looking at the car and the watch, I can see where that nickname came from.
To me it is, just like you said, nothing scientific, just for fun. (y)