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Hi. I have a 600OPS that was my fathers and I can’t seem to find anyone who is willing to fix it
Any suggestions!
Hi Ricky,

Yes, you can feel free to send it to me.

Contact details are on my website

Hi Steve, I would like to purchase a caseback opener. I understand it will open my Jet Graph. Please let me know how to pay and particulars. Thanks! Terry
Hi Marco!
Still looking for special enicars?
I have a couple that I am selling.
Is it rude of me to ask the asking price and the price agreed, I ask as I have one for sale soon.
No, I paid asking price of $8,433 all in, which I felt was fair. Happy to show you the transaction detail. Hard to say exactly what it's worth with proper caseback, of course. This watch is in excellent condition. So few transactions for this model. What are you thinking? Can you share a photo?
David Scobling
Right or wrong I dont think is too relevent personally but I understand for originality , Yes mine has the original back, I don't think I can upload a photo on here ? it comes up wanting an http page?, you can whatsapp me on +447870333610 if you wish. Dave
I just sent you a WhatsApp message.
Hey Nico,

I am a new member. This is an amazing site. I am glad to have joined. You seem to sell a lot of watches on this site. I am looking to buy a SC Mk (l -lV) in original condition at a fair price. Let me know when you come across one.


I have for sale the Enicar Beads of Rice Bracelet Ultra Rare Steel (for 19 / 20mm Endlinks). Asking £900

Hello sherpastar. I read your post on “Enicar watch repair” and have an Sherpa Jet Ar1146 that will eventually need some maintenance. I’m trying to learn of good watchmakers to work on it. May I ask who you spoke of? Thank you.
Northeast Oregon
Hi, I search for "Enicar 600" on ebay, et a just view in lady watch 6 occurrences of the same ad in Japan (with prices ranging from 650 to 1300euros).
all other results are men's watches. I am wrong ?
No, that's the one. I would enquire with the cheapest one and confirm it's still available. Cheers,

Dear Jon,
you were right to send me your proposal.
I recently bought another watch so I will have to wait a while to get my finances back on track.
Anyway congratulations, you have a nice watch and if it will be available in the future we can talk about it

Greetings and best wishes for a Merry Christmas
Hello Steve,
I would like to buy the following items from you:
Enicar Caseback opener (Sherpa Graph etc,)
Enicar Red Reproduction Pointer 31,5 mm. I need it for a Sherpa World Time, do you think is ok?
Could you please tell me your best price and the shipping cost of the two items for Switzerland?
Kind regards