WRUW today?


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The saying that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" - contains a truth I hold dear.

I never liked the gladius hands on the Mark Ia at all until I saw the skeletal variety.

The brown patina matching the brown dial on the Ia sold by Bulang looked OK, but . . .

The more typically seen lumed hands are often found to have aged to an ugly aqua color that I find distracting to my eye and appears to me to be a bit large and out of proportion to the rest of the watch. I almost want to look away. ;)

First thing I'd do if I found such a one is to knock out all the ugly lume while no one was looking!

. . . especially now that Nico has provided the cover to get away with such a thing. :)

A little heresy now and then is a good thing - to keep the religious in line!


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I agree -- except about the desecration of original watches. The gladius hands not only drive my spell checker to distraction, when lumed, they strike a glaring discordant note.