What's on your wish list?


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So, when I first seriously got in to Enicar's, I drew up a wishlist of 8 that I wanted to buy (this felt a little bit like being in a sweet shop but I managed to keep it to 8!).

These were (in no particular order):-
  1. Sherpa Ops Mark III
  2. Aqua-Graph
  3. Sherpa Graph Mark III
  4. Sherpa Ultradive
  5. Sherpa Super Jet GMT
  6. Super Dive Mark I
  7. Jet Graph Mark III
  8. Sherpa Super-Dive 33 Mark I
Where I haven't listed a version, I don't have a particularly strong attachment to any of the versions.

Over time (and selling off my Heuer collection), I've managed to pick up 4 out of the 8 (Ops, Super Dive, Jet Graph & Super Dive 33) and in a few weeks I should have a very nice condition Sherpa Graph Mark III. I've been very lucky to get some really great pieces and also a couple of bargains in there too that just needed a little bit of love (Ops and Super Dive).

What's on your WTB list?




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I got a Jet Graph when I was a kid in the seventies as a present from my parents. By then it had probably something that had been sitting unsold for years in a shop since by then it was already a bit dated. I really loved it but had no idea it would be a future classic and used it as an everyday watch. After some time I got a quartz watch and I forgot about this watch and it was laying in a drawer until relatively recently. That was when I found it and started to google it and realized what a gem it was. I then really got fascinated by Enicar and have since aquired a Sherpa Guide and a Super Dive. I must say that I try not to buy anything I don't want to have on my wrist, or another watch with subtle variations, so I am not likely going for a large collection, but I would like one with a supertest 33 jewels.
I think one aspect to consider when discussing the ultimate Enicar is what was the watches the people at Enicar themselves was most proud of. My guess would be the one with the in-house movement and with the Supertest being the top of the line. I think it is remarkable that a Jet Graph fetch a price these days many times more than that of the Sherpa Guide, when they where sold new with more or less the same price. Of the Enicar watches I have the Sherpa Guide gets the most wrist time. It is such a cool and beautiful travelers/adventure watch with a very unique look with the city names around the bezel and GMT function.
I think that next I like to have would be the the Super Jet 33 or the odd Enicar Mantagraph. I have a week spot also for vintage Seikos and the Seiko 7016 movement used in the Mantagraph so fantastic and makes for an intersting hybrid.




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My interest in Enicar watches came relatively late in life. I hadn't heard of the brand until two or three years ago. Truth be told, I knew nothing about vintage mechanical watches until a couple of years ago. I tend to read extensively about things that catch my eye . . . and so it goes with vintage watches.

Like you, Petter, I won't buy a watch that I do not intend to wear and so, I too do not think that my collection will grow significantly.

I have two Sherpa Graphs and my current thinking is that I would add a third Graph if I found a good example of an integrated logo Mark I, probably what Nico refers to as a Mark Ib or Mark Ic in the standard reverse panda style. I also like the Jets and the Jet Graphs when the bezel of the Graph is in excellent condition only. The Guide is beautiful but would be large on my 6 7/8" wrist.

Another interest is in Gallet watches. I have two MC12H chronographs as well and as they sell for 1/3 to 3/4 the price of a Sherpa Graph, these are fine watches that are also relatively affordable. Both currently owned watches employ an EP40-68 movement . Both are black-face and so my present search is for a "snow white" in good condition. A Girard Perregaux Olimpico 8846 in fine condition is also on my list.

How many watches can any of us use regularly? ;)


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Currently I'm just looking for some 16mm Enicar signed steel buckles.

But I'd love to find one of the Enicar watches with Chronosport on the dial.
I've only seen the these in pictures from a 1969 catalog so far.
As far as I know, nobody found one of these watches yet...


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I'll keep my list short, and limited to Enicar as I collect other brands as well:
1. Sherpa Super Dive black dial - luckily I already own one
2. Sherpa Jet Mk 1 or 2 - I've got NOS case and hands and hope one day to find a dial
3. Sherpa Super Jet Mk 1, white dial

I could add a number of other models that I really like (Ultradive, Jet Graph) but probably wouldn't won't buy as I'm approaching 'peak watch'.


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One watch I forget to mention is a Sherpa Star I bought for my wife. They cost next to nothing and are so stylish, and she Is really happy about it :).......so I can buy more watches....;)