What am I wearing?


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Couldn't find a recent WRUW so I thought I'd share this pic of a watch I'm about to take off. I strapped this Sherpa Dive on in early March, and due to the travel bans and lockdowns I had no real reason to change it (no foreign travel or hotel gyms, no swimming as the beaches were closed here in Sydney).

I've really enjoyed wearing it but the most surprising thing is that in over 4 months it's only gained approximately 3.5 minutes. It was serviced around 2 years ago, and I re-adjusted on my Timegrapher late last year.

Note that the pic is from Sunday, the newspaper in the background is from Saturday, and the date is 2 days out (didn't correct in April or June).



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Love these! That's pretty impressive time keeping over such a long period. It does show how good these movements are! That's less than 2 seconds a day. Pretty impressive.


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I should add that I set it at -14/-1 seconds per day on the Timegrapher. Real world use was working from my home office, daily walk or jog, and spending the night on my bedside table dial up. I was surprised by the accuracy/