Tip for the future ?


I've been very lucky buying vintage watches for the past 7 years, as most of them
have been tremendous investments as well as a pleasure to own.
Last year I took a punt on a couple of late 60's early 70's Omega Dynamics.
I can't understand why they are so under valued so someone needs to sit me down with a hot
cup of coffee and explain why they are so inexpensive.
I decided to keep just one as I was offered over 3 times the buying price of the 'blue peacock feathers'
De Ville Dynamic only 6 weeks after buying it. Also I was cutting down on my collection and decided
against 2 blue dialled Omega's.
Dynamic's are
1. Universally accepted as a quality brand with an envious history
2. Simple yet elegant timeless design
3. 39/40mm without crown is a popular size in today's market.
4. No problems servicing them

Here's the 'peacock'

And the Dynamic that I kept.

Me thinks now is the time to buy these watches as they will 'fly' and I will be reading
sob stories on WUS complaining that good brands are now out of reach.


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I had that one a while ago Paul. I even ended up sourcing the correct box which was kind of like a tin if I remember correctly. At the time, I couldn't understand why it was so cheap but it eventually moved on as around that time, I moved on from collecting Omegas to Heuers.