Swap Requested NOS Enicar Sherpa Guide Red City Pointer Ring for Enicar Sherpa Dive 33 Inner Red Bezel


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Hello Everyone,

I have been directed to this site by the Moderator Steve, from whom I have just purchased a NOS Enicar Sherpa Guide Red City Pointer Ring, which is absolutely as described. The only issue with this purchase comes down to my not reading correctly or comparing photographs.

Is anyone willing and able to exchange the above Red City Guide for the one i need for my Fathers 1964 Enicar Sherpa Dive 33 Inner Red Bezel. He used this watch when he worked as a Clearance Diver in Germany during the 1960's and I used to play with it as a 1-2 year old child (Completely fascinated). My father is now in his eighties and suffering from Dementia and I am trying to restore his watch to original condition (Hopefully to generate memories he can relate to). I am willing to accept a slightly worn Bezel, so long as it is serviceable, but would obviously prefer like for like.

As per Steve's advice I have included a few photographs of both my Fathers Watch minus Strap and the Red City Pointer Ring.

Hope you all remain fit well and secure, kindest regards




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Hi, David,

I'm not 100% certain, but this is the ring you might need. Maybe others can chime in.

Hello Paul,
You are correct in your observation and Thank you for making me aware of the item.
Stevec Harris has been an absolute diamond, in that he realised that he had one from an Enicar Aqua, which apparently also fits the Sherpa Dive 33. Not only that Steve exchanged the one purchased in good faith, not sure how the spring would work as from my examination of the inner bezel revels that it is lipped and as such my thoughts are that the outer bezel will hold the inner in. I have read on the forum else where that a spring similar to that shown is originally fitted to the interior of the back case and often appears to have been misplaced or lost during service.

Like yourself, I feel sure that others more informed on the subject would be able to assist with this topic.

Kindest regards