OHPF: Enicar Sherpa Super Dive MKIII - One of a kind!


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Up for sale is a very unusual and one of a kind Enicar Sherpa Super Dive MK III. It's in superb condition all round condition. EPSA cushion case with short lugs and 43mm ex crown. This would be from the mid-70's.

Why is it one of a kind? Have a look at the dial. Where these would normally say 'Automatic' on the dial this one says Super Quartz. A model that Enicar never released. How did the watch end up with this dial? Nobody can say for sure but Martijn van der Ven wrote a nice article about it on his blog here: https://enicar.org/2018/02/12/sherpa-super-dive-mkiii-a-quartz-that-never-happened/

The watch is definitely an auto though and running very well. Comes with the original bracelet as pictured.

There's also a good write up of these on timezone.com: https://www.timezone.com/2002/09/26...r-dive-and-the-chronoswiss-regulateur-part-1/

The watch was also used prominently for Martijn's book Time for a Change: https://enicar.org/product/the-enicar-book-brand-new-and-smoking-hot and has a very cool couple of pages in the book. So not only will you be getting a one of a kind watch, it's also featured in THE Enicar book

The dial is one of the nicest I've had the pleasure of owning on a watch. The depth is fantastic and the markers really stand out
. The colours are still strong and looks fantastic on the wrist. Bracelet is in great condition and the caseback is still very strong (a lot of these seem to wear down and become quite faint). The caseback is great overall but does have a couple of marks to the case at about 10 o'clock. The watch has an inner rotating bezel utilised by using the top crown with the bottom crown setting the time and date (with a quick-set feature). Crowns are original too.

Overall a unique and very cool watch in my opinion

Looking for £2,500 delivered within the EU. Happy to discuss options outside of that and split the costs.

Payment via Paypal F&F or bank transfer.

Lots of feedback from happy buyers if you need it.