It’s arrived. My first Enicar and what a stunner.


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Thought I’d share my first Enicar that arrived this evening a 1964 Sherpa Ultradive.

I can’t stop looking at it. Lovely condition, everything works fine and the patina dial combination with the Croc strap looks great in my opinion.

would love to get your thoughts or suggestions on other strap options.

thank you for your feedback and help so far getting me to this point. Much appreciated.



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Hey Mark, congrats to the UD! I would change the strap to something less dress-like, like a stainless steel bracelet or a Tropic. This is a Diver! :D
Also I think your watch is later than 1964. The baton hands and also the bezel indicates later details (around 1966/67 +).

Best Nico


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Thanks Nico. That’s super helpful.

yes, a tropic would looks great on this. What bracelet options are there you would recommend?

I have ordered an Erikas original MN strap so cant wait to see what that looks like on this too.

The original BoR would be great (but expensive from what I understand ) any other suggestions would be good to hear.

Thanks again


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Straight end-link sharkmesh would look good. Probably brushed instead of polished. Obviously not original to piece but a solid after-market option for any diver. For an idea of how this might look, checkout Strapcode.