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What you said makes a lot of sense. I always buy the best example I can find and was lucky
to buy when prices were more affordable. However, I had 18 quality ( mostly Enicar ) vintage watches
that require servicing at least once every 5 years. It seemed uncomfortable to own so many watches when
some might only be worn once every 18 months.
There does seem to be a definite connection between old watches and old cars. Avoiding potential money pits
is the way to go. so I always avoid ' projects' being sold on the cheap.


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It is good to see Živan has joined us here as well as one wonders sometimes whether this is essentially an older man's hobby activity.

Rich, I wonder whether there are other connections besides the one between mechanical watches and cars?

For a while, I have collected 1:32 scale live steam locomotive models, some of which I have built from kits or else modified to bring up to museum quality. During my participation in the hobby, I discovered that a small portion of live steam hobbyists are also licensed amateur radio operators as I am as well. With the age of steam long having come to an end . . . and amateur radio becoming not so exotic as it once was in the days before an Internet was conceived and developed, one wonders whether these other hobbies will fade as the old-timers die off?

So it's always good to see interest in what may be called 'vintage mechanical arts' shown by young people.

I know there is a connection between watchmakers and machinists and between machinists and model engineering hobbyists. And of course, some of these models are radio controlled.

A common thread, one among others, may be in being something of a techie. :)

[I would have used the word "nerd," but the word has unintended negative connotations.]

This does not apply to me, of course.!

Now where did I leave my pocket protector, Rapidograph and slide rule . . . :)

~ Joe