I thought I'd do a little review of my watchmaker...


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I get asked a lot in regards to who to use for servicing etc, so thought I'd write a little review of my watchmaker Webwatchmaker aka Brendan Hoey.

I’ve used Brendan now for a good few years and can honestly say that everything he has ever worked on for me, has come back serviced or fixed to the highest standards. I’ve not once had to send something back as it’s stopped working or not been fixed properly – an issue I had with my previous watchmaker, hence why I sought out Brendan’s help.

As I'm the admin here, all my Enicars have to be 100% correct (nothing worse than getting called out for something incorrect when you’re supposed to know!) and Brendan puts up with my OCD very well and always gets things sorted for me how I like. As an example, I recently had a project to restore a Mark II Sherpa Graph with the arrow hands on the minute and hour counters. The ones I provided didn’t fit correctly and without so much as a grumble Brendan sorted them out for me. If this had been my previous watchmaker, they would have been sent back with a sorry and shrug of the shoulders!

In summary, Brendan is a hugely experienced watchmaker that you can rely on and trust to get the job done in my opinion. He’s got some great contacts from his days working in Switzerland that’s extremely useful.

You can find his website here: http://webwatchmaker.co.uk/



Great you have someone you can trust with your projects, I used a very competent watchmaker for many years on and off and like you put up with my perfectionst tendencies, sadly he has now retired so good to know yours is out there doing good work.


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Thanks for the share. That’s very encouraging as I’ve just sent my Speedmaster to him for servicing.


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Thanks for posting this. I have a recommendation for service in Australia. I had my Sherpa Super Dive serviced by Horologist in central Sydney https://www.horologist.com.au/.

I supplied a NOS mainspring and crystal. The watch had probably been sitting in a drawer for many years when I bought it as there was no sign of oil on the jewels. Michael and the guys at Horologist serviced it in less than a month and it's been working beautifully. I wore the watch during the worst of the Covid lockdown and didn't need to adjust it for weeks or months (I think I posted about it on a thread here).

For the record I have no connection or affiliation with the company - I'm just a satisfied customer.


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SteveHarris, thanks for sharing your story as I also believed that a good and honest watch clinic is very important for vintage collector.
we have one watch guru Mr. Willie Quek in Singapore also.