FS: Memostar and Super Divette MKII


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Hi All,

The life of a collector, can't keep them all and these two have to go to make room for another Enicar. Wish I could keep them but I'm sure they will find great homes.
Watches are in the USA; will ship internationally.

Will eventually post them on Ebay but wanted to put them here first. If you want more pics or have any questions please let me know.

Enicar Memostar, alarm is working without issues. The blue outer minute ring needs to be adjusted. Plexi in great condition. Keeping good time and includes the awesome NSA bracelet. Unknown service history. Asking $2,200 USD.


Here is a quick video of it.
Memostar Video

Enicar Super Divette MKII, keeping good time, bezel works fine. Does have a chip on the plexi at 6 o'clock; will get rid of any other scratches with polywatch before shipping it ou. Strap is a brand new Uncle Seiko (Tropic Strap style). Unknown service history. Asking $1,300 USD.