Enicar and the Swedish Apollo program


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the beginning of the year was very informative regarding new stories and facts about the Swiss brand Enicar.
A few weeks ago a Swedish guy got in contact with me, cause he inherited an early Enicar Sherpa Graph from his father in law. Turns out, his father in law was part of the salvage of the famous Swedish King's ship "Vasa". Every child in Sweden knows the story, how the ship sunk in 1628 after it sailed just 20min.

In the 50s of the last century some men wanted to find the ship again an bring it back to normal sea level. Enicar played a small part in this adventure by sponsoring some watches and advertise with this story their own watches for the next decade.

"Some have called it Sweden’s Apollo Program, a dramatic and complex technical effort over several years to do something few thought possible: raise an intact 17th-century warship from the bottom of the sea. Even today, many still remember where they were when Vasa finally rose from the deep after 333 years in darkness.” (Vasa Museet)

This is Per Edvin Fälting, the head diver of this mission. Despite wearing a Submariner in private, here we see him with a Enicar Sherpa Dive Ref. 100/224 BaANXS.


Enicar used this motive in several of their publications, like in this brochure:


At Enicar101.com I gathered more facts and more pics, that show the salvation and the involvement of Enicar in this project.


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