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Hello folks!

I was quite unlucky today.
Nothing serious, but while doing a short bike ride I lost the plexi and the inner bezel of my beloved divette. I spent about 2 hours in the freezing cold streets of Paris trying to find the parts after I realized the drama (15 min later).
By chance (yes, I consider myself lucky, you can imagine how desperate I am), I found the plexi, and about 30 minutes later, the tension ring, but the inner bezel remained lost, for good (I’ld rather say for bad).
Do you have, or know anyone that have, a spare Divette inner bezel and save my Divette?
I can’t take myself not to think about it, I’m so sad about this.

Also, I think it is cautious, if not necessary, to find a new plexi+ring, if we can find one.

Any assistance will be so gratefull and generous.

Have a lovely week-end everyone, don’t ride too fast with your Enicars :)


Divette in January ... and what’s left today :-(


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hello August, hello everyone,
In fact, I contacted Moshi/Douglas, but I really hope someone from the community have an inner bezel or know someone that could part from it.
it would really save my mental health :) being obsessed about it...
please, anyone (now I'm starting to beg, I'ld rather stop crying)




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Sir, yes Sir!
Thank you for keepng aware.
I’m in touch with him, i wrote him this morning.
Knowing anyone for retouching it?