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Hello everyone,

My name is Charlie. I reached out to introduce myself w/ Steve yesterday and thought it may be worth sharing 2 links to a discussion I had with Martijn about his book yesterday. I'm sure most of you are aware of it, being that you are in a forum dedicated to Enicar. I myself recently discovered the brand in November of 2019, so I'm a newbie. I know that the Enicar community had participated in making this fantastic book and I greatly admire the creativity/passion that went into telling this story.

Also, an acquaintance & fellow Enicar enthusiast (Michael) published an interview on Rescapement w/ Martijn this morning which I will link below. I definitely think Michael's interview/article will be enjoyed, as it may be a bit more advanced discussion amongst the pro's. ; )

Part 1
Part 2

Podcast: A Conversation with Enicar Expert Martijn van der Ven
By Michael (@ctwatchguy)

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Hey Charlie!

I really enjoyed the IG live session yesterday.
Going to check the Podcast as soon as I get home. (y)