Can you help me recognize it?


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Good evening everyone, let me introduce myself because I have not found a specific section. I'm Andrea and I'm new in this world, especially in Enicar.
I found this old Enicar with the words "Star Jewels" and "Ocean Pearl", but I couldn't find exactly similar ones on the web, with the date window at 6 o'clock. Can you help me with the reference and any value? Also I can't open the case back, I'll take it to a watchmaker soon.

Thank you very mutch in Advance,



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Just google the part number 140-21-02. Here's one site that comes up:

Value seems high unless it's a ?K gold watch.
Thanks a lot jb, asap I'll have it evaluated better by someone, because it works but the crown seems to be not very stable, hopefully nothing serious. Have a nice day 👋