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  1. SteveHarris

    New member. Hi all

    One trick I've done previously when even a case opener failed to work was super gluing a bolt on the back and using a spanner to apply additional pressure. They're usually so tight because the rubber has liquefied a bit making it very difficult. Pop it on a radiator or something for a minute as...
  2. SteveHarris

    Enicar Super Graph for sale

    Hi Peter - thanks for posting. As per the rules of the forum, a price will be needed for a straight sale.
  3. SteveHarris

    Enicar The Flying Dutchman 60'

    I think @Joe_A has made some recommendations on here before about US based watchmakers. Try doing a search or Joe might chime in.
  4. SteveHarris

    Something rarer than even a 1a Sherpa Gaph
  5. SteveHarris

    Enicar big eye starting around 1300e in Sweden

    Nothing wrong as far as I can at a quick glance. Probably bidders waiting until the end.
  6. SteveHarris

    Saw Enicar Superdive in the wild

    I'm still yet to!
  7. SteveHarris

    Lovely Mark III Sherpa Graph up for auction All correct Mark III in really nice condition I'd say. One interesting point is the date stamp 6-66 as Nico's website states these as being without a date stamp. Not sure if the website is incorrect but serial number definitely fits the Mark III range...
  8. SteveHarris

    Pre 1972 Enicar

    Hi Ronnie, Simon is excellent as is Brendan Hoey ( There aren't many Enicar specialist watchmakers, but one of the best (and with all the spare parts) is based in Holland and is on these very forums @HorologyBiology. Cheers, Steve
  9. SteveHarris

    Sherpa Guide with reasonable price?

    Agree with H. If you're after a beaten up one for parts etc, then they tend to go for around EUR600-800 on ebay. If you want an all correct one to wear though, I'd wait for an auction for one on eBay.
  10. SteveHarris

    Sherpa Graph "Ib" on the 'Bay - almost?

    No, it's a known variant of the IIa. Have a look at the examples on Nico's page: There's definitely something off with the eBay one though. That dial is very wrong for a Mark Ib. We didn't see the small Enicar logo until some of the late 1d's and they...
  11. SteveHarris

    Get Inspired by the Best! Top 3 Instagram Watch Photographers for Your Watch Photography 📸

    Can't believe I didn't make the cut... my technique of slapping it down on a table and using my phone isn't enough??
  12. SteveHarris

    Sherpa Graph MKIV dial needed

    Drop a message to this guy:
  13. SteveHarris

    2x Crown Guard Enicars in the making....

    Have you got a link? I couldn't see anything for some reason?
  14. SteveHarris

    Sherpa Graph "Ib" on the 'Bay - almost?

    Yes, totally agree that it's a later dial. I've just checked my one over and it's a Mark IIa S/N 617.XXX. @JimJupiter will chip in I'm sure, but this should be a Mark IIa as well, not a 1b.
  15. SteveHarris

    Sherpa Graph "Ib" on the 'Bay - almost?

    Correct as far as I can see 😉. Mine says hi 😁 Only difference between mine and theirs is the minute counter hand.
  16. SteveHarris

    Advice needed - Enicar Sherpa Ultradive

    We did have it set low but the spammers abused it 🙄
  17. SteveHarris

    Hi Peter, They don't fit the Guide unfortunately. I'll hopefully look to get something done...

    Hi Peter, They don't fit the Guide unfortunately. I'll hopefully look to get something done with those at some point. Cheers, Steve
  18. SteveHarris

    Need info/value of enicar ultrasonic

    Probably about right
  19. SteveHarris

    what Watch is this ? ( just inherited)

    These models didn't really have a name but we would refer to them as Day Dates and they're from the 70's. Good solid watches with an in-house movement that Enicar produced in large quantities. Cheers, Steve
  20. SteveHarris

    My Fake Enicar

    It is crazy but even Casio watches are prone to being faked believe it or not.