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  1. Sunbeam_T35

    1950's Heavy Patina

    oh, just noticed the Nivaflex notation on your dial. My Nivada has exactly the same. (A. Schild 1361N 21J movement inside) Nivaflex mainsprings when first introduced (~1957) were premium mainsprings back in the day and worthy of boasting on the dial for a while - so no doubt our two pieces...
  2. Sunbeam_T35

    1950's Heavy Patina

    That patina is very satisfying! I really like the rally-style leather strap you have matched to it - great choice. I have a very similar era Nivada 'Skymaster' simple three-hander with a cracking tobacco patina as well and am very fond of it. I have it on a vintage Fixoflex bracelet which...
  3. Sunbeam_T35

    Stay logged in?

    Does not appear to hold long. I find myself having to re-login most every month. This does not happen (on most) other xenforo based forums. Perhaps it’s a setting?
  4. Sunbeam_T35

    Enicar Ultrasonic 25 Jewels

    Looks to me that the replacement is a bog-standard acrylic crystal - which is what the original would have been. Can’t speak to ‘raised crystal’ as I’m not sure entirely what you mean by that. Perhaps a mineral or Saphire crystal is available but would probably be expensive and an...
  5. Sunbeam_T35

    Enicar Ultrasonic 25 Jewels

    I’ve had a very similar 1010 overhaul serviced and crystal replaced for ~$160 AU in recent times. It’s not that expensive. The movement is robust enough and the issue described is probably an easy fix on service. Those old gold 60’s 3-hander no-dates look really nice on a dark tan or navy...
  6. Sunbeam_T35

    Request for opinion

    Not much. Maybe $30US for the movement parts. Maybe.
  7. Sunbeam_T35

    Enicar The Flying Dutchman 60'

    Watchmakers with a half-decent reputation all got swamped during the Covid years as the entire planet emptied out their drawers for a spring clean and found themselves with renewed interest in having 'dad's old watch' brought back to life. Wait times of 6~18 months were pretty common between...
  8. Sunbeam_T35

    ENICAR Memostar

    Case still has sharp lines, no obvious polishing. Use marks are good for age. Dial appears crisp. Clean & tidy movement. A lot to like. I'd offer 1.6 as anchor price. A ~€2k strike price would seem a pretty fair price v's alternate mechanical alarms of similar pedigree.
  9. Sunbeam_T35

    Ocean Pearl

    Black tips on the hands are possibly lume gone foul with mould? Hard to tell from the pics. They do seem to map to the indices little black ends - would be unusual for all lume to have gone so pitch black? Dial would have been silver. The Tobacco patina is common, especially vintage silver...
  10. Sunbeam_T35

    Odd dress watch

    Faceted crystal is definately 70's. Typical Ocean Pearl Day/Date Automatic from the period complete with coin edge bezel. These pieces were pretty much the last hoorah of real watches from the Enicar asembly line.
  11. Sunbeam_T35

    Unbranded Enicar authentication/identification

    Here’s a Felicia from late 70’s. one thing for sure is it’s a super legible dial.
  12. Sunbeam_T35

    Unbranded Enicar authentication/identification

    Hard to say. Probably genuine. But If genuine then it looks to me like a typical late 70’s quartz crisis response from Swiss makers who didn’t know what to do as they faced fading sales and irrelevance - so they went cheap. That plain white dial is a generic Swiss supplier flat printed and...
  13. Sunbeam_T35

    FS: Jet Graph MKIII (Mint Condition)

    Damn that is fine. No way I’d let that go. I looked up ‘man-watch’ on and there was a pic of that very piece!!!
  14. Sunbeam_T35

    My First Enicar

    In short, yes.
  15. Sunbeam_T35

    Please help me identify this Enicar watch

    That crown looks like it's a bit wonky. Crown stem probably needs replacing. I would be mindful of not fiddling with that too much, pulling it out and adjusting the time, winding it up etc -- too much and you may cause additional damage. Best to get it serviced at your earliest convenience...
  16. Sunbeam_T35

    Sherpa 350

    That is a cracking piece. (y)
  17. Sunbeam_T35

    what Watch is this ? ( just inherited)

    Find a reputable watchmaker, have a full service and crystal replacement and that piece will come up a right treat.
  18. Sunbeam_T35

    Need your help to identify this watch

    Typical entry-level Enicar gold dress. Circa mid-60's but the printed logo instead of applied logo under the 12 inclines me to think perhaps late 60's very early 70's cost cutting. Unlikely to be fake with that crown, patina and caseback - and considering how you aquired it. Crown is the tell...
  19. Sunbeam_T35

    Enicar Ocean Pearl day date from 70? Should I repair?

    Easy enough repair for a real watchsmith, ask about for the best watch maker in your greater locality. I'd say it's worth the effort and that's before taking into account the sentimental value. That said, will likely cost $150-$200 with service and when it's done it would not be worth a great...
  20. Sunbeam_T35

    Antique store find

    Should clean up ok if you are happy to invest in resurrecting it. I've had 3 or 4 entry level dress Enicar's cleaned up over the years with replacement crystals (easy enough to source) and it usually comes in at under $200 AUD for a full service. Can highly recommend non-black traditional...