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    Red indicator ring for 36mm, single crown, super compressor case

    I have been fortunate in finally securing a World Time to go along with my Time. It's a project and more than a bit on the well used side with a patinated dial and hands -- hmm, when does patina became corrosion? It went for modest dineros because of its aforementioned condition, a wrong crown...
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    User Guide 33 Mk1-2 transition?

    Picked up another Guide 33. This one may be an early Mk 2. It certainly doesn’t look messed with — other than heavily used, of course. Curious about others’ thoughts on whether the crescent moon 24 hr hand is legit or a later replacement. My plan is to overhaul it and use it as I find myself...
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    Sherpa Guide city bezel

    Looking for a good used Shepra Guide cities bezel. Not mint or NOS, I already have that, more of a "decent" example to replace the heavily worn one on an early Mk2 33.
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    NOS Jet Graph Bezel on 'bay
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    Super Graph on ebay
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    Send in the clones

    I love my Enicars but, because they are #$%& vintage watches, they are not my first choice for the beach, motorcycle rides, or working in the shop. Here are some clones I found that may fit the bill for everyday, mucking-about wear. Jet/Super-Jet styling in a 40mm case...
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    Mini-Dives, I only really like them a little bit

    I'm partial to the mini-dives as they pack a lot into a small package. It's also nice that their values have not sky-rocketed like the other tool-room Enicars. The first example is well used but holding up fine. It has a gold "coloured" case and has early hands (not the earliest as they...
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    Enicar book arrived!

    My thanks to Martijn and all those who helped along the way!
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    Early 40mm diver bezel question

    Are the external bezels in any way available for an early 40mm Diver (Diver auto, Enicar in Saturn logo, old hands with the "snake" seconds)? Thinking of one with a couple of issues and the bezel would be the most serious one I'm guessing.
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    Interesting Birks/Enicar on ebay

    Saw this auction today: The pillow case with the paddle and lollipop hands has me wondering.
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    Sherpa Guide Mk ?

    Just picked this up off ebay. It's a 148-35-01 in reasonable nick. Appreciate any thoughts on whether it's original or a lash-up.
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    Planet trouble

    We all know the common Enicar Saturn logo. Every now and then I see a version with ring not obscured by the planet. I notice these most on watches from the southeast, places such as Australia and Indonesia. At first I thought they were a sign of a fake but they seem relatively common in those...