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  1. SteveHarris

    Advertising gadgets

    Not Enicar made but something I had made for me to replace my old golf hat :geek:
  2. SteveHarris

    Welcome to the forum (y)

    Welcome to the forum (y)
  3. SteveHarris

    WRUW today?

    Pleased to see you finished it Nico (y) one less project!
  4. SteveHarris

    WRUW today?

    A simple day date for me today.
  5. SteveHarris

    Incoming Gallet MC45M "Snow White"

    Super Joe (y) love the way it changes colour. The design does remind of Dornblüth 99.1. One of my favourites.
  6. SteveHarris

    What other vintage brands do you collect?

    That Epperlein is very cool. Is that a display back on it? Assume that's a later addition if so? Steve
  7. SteveHarris

    Incoming Gallet MC45M "Snow White"

    You've got some lovely Gallet's there Joe (y) Always been a brand I've liked but for one reason or another, I've never picked one up... yet. Steve
  8. SteveHarris

    Incoming Gallet MC45M "Snow White"

    Super catch Joe (y)
  9. SteveHarris

    Underappreciated Enicar Models

    What's your favourite that isn't considered one of the most sought after models? For me it's the Mantagraph. I had one recently that I sold to fund something a bit special but I plan on picking one up again. Cool and quirky case design matched with a Seiko 7016A flyback chrono movement...
  10. SteveHarris

    WRUW today?

    Very similar to an Enicar I've got on today (y)
  11. SteveHarris

    Trading Post Now Open To All Registered Users

    As per title, feel free to post up your own watches for sale but please follow the boards rules. Myself and Nico will monitor it and will jump on any issues. Thanks, Steve
  12. SteveHarris

    Any Sherpa models

    I've just opened up the Trading Post for everyone, so feel free to post a proper sales thread in there. Cheers, Steve
  13. SteveHarris

    WRUW today?

    Sorry for my absence guys... it's been a busy few weeks at work! Anyways... on the wrist today is my latest acquisition - a Favre Leuba Biouvac (not my pic). It measures the air pressure and altitude mechanically (don't ask me how as I haven't worked it out yet!). All original and in lovely...
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  15. SteveHarris

    What other vintage brands do you collect?

    All true. Monthly income has increased an awful lot in real terms too and people have much more dispensable income I think. On another note, I bought my first Favre Leuba last week. Sent today from the US, so if I'm lucky I may have it early next week :D
  16. SteveHarris

    Let's analyze another Mark III - Take 2

    It's one I was actually offered when on the hunt a few months back. He received it in pretty poor shape and has restored it the best he can. Agree on the seconds hand - Nico would be best placed to answer that though. It could well be a legitimate variation. The other issue I had was on the...
  17. SteveHarris

    What other vintage brands do you collect?

    I've had a couple of those Viceroys. Much cheaper than all the other Autavias and the same watch basically. Supply and demand being the difference there.
  18. SteveHarris

    Sherpa Graph Mark 1 1st Series - Roll Call

    Following a discussion on Instagram, we thought it would be a good idea to set up this post for owners of these rare beasts to make themselves known (if they would like to). If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please send me a PM and I will post any details up you are willing to provide...