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    Early Aqua Graph

    I am not the admin but well come to the forum. Nice watch and story. Thank you for sharing. USD 35 OMG and it has lived the life it deserves and still in good shape. Now I am really to pay double for it USD 70 LOL.
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    Watch Showcase

    An other Enicar Automatic 147 just came in. This time with a dark grey dial.
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    Watch Showcase

    Exclusively for Enicar Forum, I am showing here my two last incoming this year with those two Enicar Automatic "Cafe au lait". The dial on the first one is dark brown ( Enicar 147 ) and the other is cream color ( Enicar 167 ). I have a preference for 70s design. I would like to see from the...
  4. Vintage Enicar Automatic.JPG

    Vintage Enicar Automatic.JPG

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    Introduction Thread

    My Enicar watch collection ( not up dated ) as a start. Congrats for your forum !!!
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    And we're live!

    Moved to my introduction.