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    Watch sightings and stories

    I feel it could be usefull with thread like this after I saw this watch this week. I was at an aerospace congress in Stockholm and happen to engage in a conversation with a (very) old but young at heart airline pilot. I could not help but noticing that he had something interessting on his wrist...
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    Enicar parts

    I feel it could be usefull with a thread for parts. I think getting spare parts is tricky to say the least, and I think this is an area where the expertise in this forum could be very helpfull. E.g. Is it possible to get some parts (NOS, used or replacement) for the in-house movements.
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    Vintage Watch Classification

    Being a novice to watch collecting I wonder if there Is any systematic classification of vintage watches? I am thinking similar to classic cars where there are cathegories such as FIVA cathegories 1. Authentic 2. Original 3. Restored 4. Rebuilt I think in general there is a need for replacement...