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  1. Jimbo85281

    Wtb: Aqua Graph Crystal

    I have an aqua graph that has its original crystal and it likely needs to be replaced. If anyone has a Crystal that is genuine or a good quality after market please let me know! Thanks!
  2. Jimbo85281

    Sherpa Graph Bracelet Original?

    Just saw this Sherpa Graph mk IV and I was curious about the bracelet. Was this sold with the watch originally? This example is almost nos and even has what appears to be the original caseback sticker in place. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Jimbo85281

    Enicar 1072-01-01 - I've never seen this before

    I haven't been able to find info on this model. Seemingly a no-name model with a valjoux 72. 40mm like the graphs. Is this a Franken? The dial doesn't indicate tritium so I believe it's a reprint.
  4. Jimbo85281

    Aqua Graph Version?

    So this Aqua Graph appears to be a MK II or III. I'm confused though because if it were a mk II then the pointer and subdial hands are wrong. Although I see that Marco mentioned the transition from II to III sometimes meant that parts were used interchangeably. One thing to note is that the...
  5. Jimbo85281

    Guide Pointer Ring

    Have any of you seen a pointer like this one? It seems to be two parts. Is this normal or has this been repaired? This is a mkIII btw. Another picture shows remnants of red paint on the side face of the triangle so it was painted at some point in the past.
  6. Jimbo85281

    Jet Graph Bracelet

    Did the Jet Graph come with this bracelet? This is a mk IV obviously. I've only seen them on bor bracelets so this one is interesting.
  7. Jimbo85281

    Super Jet With Original Box?

    Here is my newly acquired MK II Super Jet that came from a gentleman in Italy. It was apparently his father's watch and came with the original bracelet and box. I don't know much about the boxes at that time but this seems to be at least Era correct, as it's clearly very old. I don't have any...
  8. Jimbo85281

    Enicar Day Date

    I'm curious to see if anyone knows what Era these are from. Are they pre quartz crisis or from the later Chinese owned Era? Thanks!
  9. Jimbo85281

    Enicar Ads Edited For Print

    I decided to edit some of the ads that Nico posted on his site so that I would have something to print and frame. I added color to some of the watches as well as logos etc, which is pretty nice looking I think. Check it out and print them yourself!
  10. Jimbo85281

    Super Jet Rivet Bracelet

    Does anyone know if the Super Jet came on this rivet oyster bracelet? It's a mkII from about 1967. Just curious to see whether it's original to the watch.
  11. Jimbo85281

    AR1146 Amplitude Question

    What is the optimal amplitude for an ar1146 when serviced? The one I'm looking at is running in the 240's. Would that indicate that it needs service necessarily?
  12. Jimbo85281

    Super Jet Authentication and Value *About to purchase*

    So I'm about to pull the trigger on this Super Jet and I want to get your opinions. To me it looks completely original for a 33, mk I. What do you guys believe the value should be considering it is running but not recently serviced? Thanks!!
  13. Jimbo85281

    Wtb: Sherpa Guide or Super Jet

    I'm actively looking for a Guide or Super Jet, any version. I've always loved Enicar and just recently came back to my obsession after some time buying vintage Seiko and Breitling. Let me know what you have!