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    Sherpa Jet

    From what we can see it looks to be a good Mk1 Jet. Crowns should have the logo and be crosshatched. You can find a little more out here:
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    Guide case question

    The short answer is, "No !" A Mk1 case back just spins in a Mk3 case.
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    WRUW today?

    The strap is the perfect touch. Stirling had his own custom made. Skeleton to the extreme due to the propensity of fires in the race cars of the day. Didn't use the Graph much, maybe only one race. His preferred watches had a ratttapante movement for lap timing purposes.
  4. J

    WRUW today?

    ??? Does it tell time?
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    Sherpa Guide Mk1

    Looks to be a replacement seconds hand as well.
  6. J

    Sherpa Guide Mk1

    Needs a good service and realign the 24hr hand (12hrs out). Was thinking of changing the case but the gouge between the two crowns is not too bad when the watch is to hand.
  7. J

    Sherpa Guide Mk1

    New to me Guide Mk1. Has the wrong indicator ring (house instead of pointer) and it has lived a rough life.
  8. J

    Newly acquired Sherpa Jet - Thoughts most welcome!

    Well, you say it was cheap. Jet dials and hands do turn up. Have your watchmaker examine the watch to see how the movement is. If it is good, then you can track down the correct parts and have them fitted.
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    Super Dive crystal question

    Thanks, I have ordered a couple and will be able to let the group know for sure soon.
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    Super Dive crystal question

    Will an Ultra Dive crystal also fit a Super Dive?
  11. J

    Guide case question

    Are all Enicar Sherpa Guide cases interchangeable? Excepting the later "pillow" cases, of course. I've bought a Mk1 Guide with a pretty big dent in the case and wondered if I could use a later case as a replacement. The backs are visually different but I think they might be interchangeable...
  12. J

    A "put together" Sherpa Graph, but not put together correctly . . .

    Picky, picky, picky Maybe it’s a tribute watch? ;-)
  13. J

    Sherpa Graph 300 for restoration. On Ebay

    Looks to me like at least some movement parts are missing.
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    Super Jet Authentication and Value *About to purchase*

    Looks very nice to me though I am on my phone, not my desktop. The back especially looks to be free from the usual gouges from trying to open it without the correct tool. Here’s a link to a similar watch:
  15. J

    WRUW today?

    Been too long… Bought on a whim and a prayer via a few fuzzy ebay photos. Could just make out the 33 and decided to take a flyer.
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    A Nearly Perfect 21st Century BOR bracelet for the Enicar Graphs . . .

    Damn, got us where you want us. Probably holding out for: <iframe src="" width="480" height="296" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
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    A Nearly Perfect 21st Century BOR bracelet for the Enicar Graphs . . .

    Looks great! Yes, old bracelets are no match for today's. Better materials, better design tools, better manufacturing techniques. Old bracelets are OK for display, not for wearing. You forgot to tell us where it came from!
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    Details about my Star Jewels wanted, please

    Going by the logo it is from the 70s. The specific model is the 165-54-01 (engraved on the back). If you google that number you'll find images of similar watches. Some, like yours, with the newer logo (two rings around Saturn), and some with the older logo (single ring). Can't help you with...
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    Sherpa Graph Mark I - a fine white-dialed watch with a later case back

    I’ve had a few vintage watch strap clasps open at in opportune times. Nothing disastrous, thank goodness, but enough to put the fear of god in me. I use modern BOR, modern tropics or NATO straps and save the originals for display.