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    WTB: Hang Tag

    Hello Enicar Forums, I am starting to add to my very modest collection of hang tags (I've got a vintage UG and vintage rolex one) that I hang next to my desk. Wondering if anyone has an Enicar hangtag that I can take off their hands. thanks, Mike
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    Hello They thought it was worth 2600 euro

    Hello They thought it was worth 2600 euro
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    Enicar Sherpa Jet

    Hey Enicar Forums! I recently came across this lovely Sherpa jet for sale. Seller says it's a 1968 Sherpa Jet Mk1 GMT Ref 148-35-02. I checked in with the lovely Steve over IG and concluded the price was a little high, even though it's serviced. Though I can't get it out of my head! Still...
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    does this seem legit?

    Thank you kazrich and paulb12. I went for it, let's see what happens! I'm so excited!
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    does this seem legit?

    Hi Enicar Forums! I hope you are all well (and healthy!) I've been getting quite obsessed with Enicar recently and am considering dipping my toes into the murky waters of eBay. I was hoping to get some advice. I am considering this one here...
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi Everyone! Hope you are all staying well and healthy! My name is Mike and I'm from BC, Canada! I'm about one month into my Enicar obsession. My first Enicar just arrived today, from Steve! I'm pretty stoked! You can find me over at IG @karchanestyle
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    watchoniste's artwork (Enicar book related)

    Wow these are so cool!
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hi! I am also from Canada (BC!) and recently got bit by the vintage watch bug, in particular Enicar! I just received my first one in the mail!