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    Canon Pinion for AR1146

    Yes, the gmt hand needs a 1146. But it is not only one part that is needed, but 5, if you wanna customize an 1145 to an 1146. These parts are nearly impossible to get.
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    Twelve Beautiful Enicars

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    WTB: Enicar Sherpa Super Jet MK 1, Enicar Sherpa Graph, and Enicar Kaleidoscope World Time

    Hi David, I guess getting a super jet mk1 or 2 is realistic. Getting the caleidoscope is not, I am hardcore enicar freak for about 10 years, but in all this time, I only have seen exactly one, the one of the author of the enicar book. Maybe martjin van der veen would sell it? If yes, surely for...
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    My hunt for perfection..

    As a new member of this forum, I would like to introduce myself with a Sherpa model from the early 60s. It is flawless like on its day of birth. That is what I am looking for- vintage watches but in very good condition. I know alot of colectors love the used look, often the more fuckedup the...